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Black Hills Gluten-Free Restaurant List (from a Celiac)

Behold! I have created a giant list of places I have successfully eaten at in the Black Hills for all you other gluten-free and Celiac-types who need the 411 when it comes to eating safely. (Insert disclaimer here about how this is purely my personal recommendation and you can’t sue me if you get sick.)

NOTE: I will update this as I eat at places, but for now, these are the places I personally have eaten at. There’s probably many more options out there.




Blaze Pizza
1325 Eglin Street
–Gluten-free pizza
–Pretty much any of the toppings are gluten-free (except for the meatballs)
–They are very much aware of what has gluten in it and what doesn’t

Hana Japanese / Korean Grill and Sushi Bar
3550 Sturgis Road
–Gluten-free menu
–Anything on the gluten-free menu is good to go (except for the fried stuff)

Ichiban Sushi Bar and Japanese Cuisine
1109 W Omaha Street
–No designated menu, but willing to accommodate
–Ask the chefs behind the counter for specifics. Spicy Tuna was safe. Crab is not safe.

Longhorn Steakhouse
1510 Eglin Street
–Allergy menu
–Steak and shrimp. Best steak and shrimp around. Get it without the rice.
–Side: baked potato. Salad with ranch dressing (no croutons). Best salad around, no joke.

Mackenzie River
1205 Eglin Street
–Gluten free pizza and pasta (pasta boiled separately, all sauces are gf)
–Very careful with cross-contamination
–I always order the Buffalo Chicken GF pizza (SO FREAKING GOOD)

Dakotah Steakhouse
1325 N Elk Vale Road
–Amazing steaks

Native Grill & Wings
1756 Eglin Street
–Gluten “friendly” menu
–Always get the chicken lettuce wrap or a burger with no bun
–Buffalo chicken dip is gluten free, but I bring my own chips
–Everything is fried together so most things are not safe for celiacs

2424 West Main Street
–Had the Dakota burger, no bun, no camelized onions, and the BBQ sauce is gluten free
–Baked potato for a side

Papa Murphy’s Pizza
–This is our go-to pizza place.
–Tuesdays you can get a gluten free pizza for $10 (Tuesday = pizza night at this house)
–The gluten free dough is made at the location, so cross-contamination is possible. I’ve never reacted though.
–Rancher, Garlic Chicken, Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizzas are our favs.



Delmonico Grill
609 W Main Street
–No designated menu, but willing to accommodate
–Burger with no bun.
–Side: Mashed sweet potatoes.

504 Mt. Rushmore Road
–GF items marked on menu
–Lots of appetizers and entres
–Always get the GF sausage pesto pizza and it’s awesome

Dunn Brothers
719 Omaha Street
–Vanilla latte

Essence of Coffee
908 Main Street
–Vanilla latte
–The BEST coffee around

Alternative Fuel Coffee House
512 Main Street
–Vanilla latte
–Haven’t tried any food yet

Harriet and Oak
329 Main Street
–Vanilla latte

Que Pasa
502 Main Street
–No designated menu, but willing to accommodate
–I usually get some sort of tacos with a corn tortilla
–Side: rice and beans are safe, chips not safe (I bring my own)
–They can make almost anything gluten-free (I stick with tacos because they aren’t fried)
–Very good authentic Mexican food in fun downtown atmosphere.

Silver Lining Creamery
512 Main Street #100
–Ice creams are made gluten free, but can’t be confident about cross-contamination
–Only available flavor for celiacs was a sherbet
–Very careful with scoops and cross-contamination

Smokin’ Hot Catering
1401 W Omaha St #3
(Usually outside Lost Cabin)
–GF (fried separately) parmesan french fries = so good

All locations



Gaslight Restaurant
13490 Main Street (which is actually down Highway 16 towards Hill City)
–No designated menu, but willing to accommodate
–I had the Loco Burger, which was probably the best burger I have had in awhile. It was unbelievable.
–Side: baked potato

Elk Creek Steakhouse
9408 Elk Creek Road, Piedmont
–No designated menu
–Best prime rib around
–Side: baked potato. Couldn’t verify if salad dressings were gluten-free (I bring my own dressing).



Cousins Pizza Pub and Grill
22493 US-385
–Gluten-free pizza
–No designated menu, but willing to accommodate
–Seriously some of the best pizza around.
–Very accommodating. All but one of their pizzas is gluten-free
–Personal note: I LOVE THE PEOPLE THAT WORK HERE. So nice, such a fun place.

Sugar Shack
22495 US-385
–Had a plain burger with cheese and potato chips on the side
–Seriously, burgers are SO FREAKING GOOD
–Didn’t feel 100%, but didn’t get completely sick
–Would try again



Cheyenne Crossing
21415 Canam Hwy, Lead, SD
–Lot of gluten free options, but not listed on the menu
–GF toast and other bread (did not try it and did not ask if it was prepared separately)
–Had the corn beef hash and it was AMAZING!



Bumpin’ Buffalo Bar and Grill
245 Main Street
–No designated menu, but willing to accommodate
–Burger with no bun
–Side: salad with ranch or baked potato

Alpine Inn
133 Min Street
–Lunch: Always get the chipotle chicken sandwich (no bun) and potato salad
–Dinner: Steak, salad with ranch, and baked potato
–Dessert: Raspberry Mousse is delicious
–Very accommodating to celiacs

Slate Creek Grille
158 Museum Drive
–No designated menu, but willing to accommodate
–Burger WITH GF bun
–Side: salad but they couldn’t verify what dressings had gluten in it
–Redbridge beer

Horse Creek Inn
23570 US-385, Rapid City (it’s actually near Hill City / Pactola)
–Prime rib and baked potato



Turtle Town
117 Winter Street
–Had chocolate ice cream in a dish
–Asked them to wipe off the scoop before scooping mine
–Very accommodating when you explain your allergy



Black Hills Burger and Bun
441 Mt. Rushmore Road
–No designated menu, but willing to accommodate
–Burger WITH GF bun (seriously awesome burgers)
–Side: salad with their vinaigrette



Lucky’s 13  Pub
305 N 27th Street
–Gluten-free menu
–Lots to pick from on the menu. Avoid anything fried.
–They charge extra for the GF bun and substituting sides so beware. $$$!

305 W Jackson Blvd
–No designated menu; pretty much everything is gluten-free
–I always get a rice bowl. Avoid the tortillas and tempting brownies and cookies at the register.
–A very good, quick place to stop for a fast lunch – similar to a Qdoba or Chipotle

701 N. 5th Street
–Ate the guacamole burger with no bun, baked potato for a side
–Have had mixed answers on if the BBQ sauce is gluten free
–Staff doesn’t know a lot when it comes to what is/isn’t safe
–Just stick with something super simple

Leones’ Creamery
722 Main Street
–SO GOOD! I always get chocolate ice cream with hot fudge
–They have a gluten free waffle cone!
–Very accommodating to celiacs


Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant
83 Old U.S. 14
–Only steak fajitas were safe along with their rice and beans
–Brought my own chips (shared frier)



Here are some tips to help you through you Black Hills vacation. I’ve found that since this is a tourist destination, almost all restaurants are willing and able to accommodate to Celiacs.

Tip #1:

Download the Find Me Gluten Free app and use that. I always add restaurants. Look for reviews by Katie (that’s me). If you eat somewhere successful (AND have Celiac – sorry dieters, not interested in your opinion), then RATE the restaurant. Help each other out.

Tip #2:

From what I’ve experienced, burgers and steaks are pretty much safe anywhere (minus the bun).

Tip #3:

Almost all chain restaurants (Chili’s, Boston’s, Applebee’s, Longhorn Steakhouse, etc) have gluten-free menus.

Tip #4:

Always say you have a gluten “allergy.” Technically not an allergy, I know, but I’ve found people take you more seriously if you insert “allergy” into the ordering process.

If you’ve had success somewhere, comment below. This is an ongoing post – I keep updating every month or so.


My Story:

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in March of 2015. I have quickly figured out what to not order at restaurants and how horrible it is when you (or the restaurant) makes the wrong move with your meal. I’m pretty sensitive – I once tried to eat tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant (which I KNEW were fried with other flour-containing foods, I just wanted to see how bad I really was) and within 15 minutes, my insides were like, um no, I don’t think so. You know what happens next.