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white chocolate mocha organic clean living recipe coffee latte tutorial
  • 1 tsp agave nectar
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 1 1/2 tbsp organic white chocolate chips
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 2 oz shot of organic espresso
  • Begin by melting the chocolate chips on the stove top on low heat.
  • Once melted, stir in the water and agave nectar. This will be your coffee syrup.
  • Once completely mixed, pour one tbsp of syrup into your coffee mug. Depending on how sweet you like your coffee, you can extend or lessen the amount of syrup used.
  • Next, add the shot of espresso (or double the strength dark roast coffee).
  • Steam the milk, and pour it on top (if you don’t have a milk steamer, heat it on the stove at 150 degrees, whipping it vigorously the last minute to create a foam. Be sure to not let the milk boil, which changes the taste of the milk). 

Imagery and Recipe by Sincerely, Kinsey. See more of her coffee diaries here.




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Orders will be accepted until December 7th, but you run the risk of receiving your order in time very, very close.


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Photo by Corey Gross Photography

Photo by Corey Gross Photography


All profits from sales today and tomorrow will go directly to support Ethan McMahon’s family. If you’ve had your eye on a shirt, need a few more Christmas presents, or simply want to donate to the GoFundMe page yourself, please do so. I could not be more heart-broken that this event happened in Sioux Falls yesterday.

If you’re not from around here, as I know many of you are from across the country and may not have ties to Sioux Falls local news, a horrible event happened yesterday – a building collapse in downtown Sioux Falls. As a handful of you know, I am a graphic designer for DocuTAP, which has its headquarters in downtown Sioux Falls – my work family is down there (you can see DocuTAP’s building in one of these photos). While on a conference call yesterday, I heard sirens in the background. Then more sirens. And a few more. But didn’t think much of it since the fire department is near there and blaring horns flying through downtown streets is a fairly common scene. Halfway through the meeting, someone found out what happened – the Copper Lounge building collapsed and two people were trapped inside.

A girl and her dog were rescued. A miracle.

Corey Gross captured some of the most phenomenal shots of the event yesterday. See below.

By the end of the day, I joined the world and watched on Facebook Live as we held our breath, waiting for them to find Ethan. It seemed like too much time had passed. It was now dark out. They hadn’t heard from him? They brought a search dog from Rapid City and the dog led them to Ethan. Then the body language of the firefighters changed. Then the stretcher came out. Hope escalated. Then they cut the cameras. Our hearts sank. It was the most anxiety-filled 45 minutes. And it can only be a fraction of what Ethan’s family and friends felt. I simply cannot imagine.

If you could know what the future would hold, would you act differently? Would you act differently towards your family, your friends, your coworkers? And would you act differently toward strangers? People you come into contact with for only a short amount of time?

Ethan was a 2010 graduate of Washington High School, my alma mater. So young. A dad. A vet. Truly a loss. He was also our bartender at Pave when we were there last weekend. One week ago, we interacted with him. One week ago, we didn’t know that his time was cut so short. One week ago, I wish I had made more of an impact on those precious minutes we had together, but instead, I stayed to myself and conversation with my husband, drank our drink, and walked out of the bar.

No one deserves to lose someone they love so young. No child deserves to never know their dad. No one deserves to die in an accident like this. Such a tragedy. In so many ways.


Buy a shirt.

Give your loved ones a hug today.


Photo by Corey Gross Photography

Photo by Corey Gross Photography


Photo by Corey Gross Photography

Photo by Corey Gross Photography


Photo by Corey Gross Photography

Photo by Corey Gross Photography


Photo by Corey Gross Photography

Photo by Corey Gross Photography


Photo by Corey Gross Photography

Photo by Corey Gross Photography

sledhaus, lead SD

Mickey Staeckeler & Beth Fitzgerald (owners)

I’ve started the In Good Company portion of the Dakota Uprising initiative because I think it’s important to highlight the creative and good souls of our area. I love putting the spotlight on other people, hearing their stories, and learning from their experiences. If you’d like to know about these souls too, read on my friends.

Sledhaus is one of those unique little gems of the Black Hills, quickly becoming legendary for their gourmet, monstrous burgers. If you’re looking for a place to grab a brew and a burger with a twist of German influence, find The Sledhaus on Main Street in Lead and see why the locals rave about these being the best burgers in the Black Hills.

The Basics

Name: Michael Staeckeler Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Any nicknames? Mickey and Beth

Birthday: Mickey 12-16-1967. Beth 1-30-1984

Where are you from? New York

Where do you live now? Lead, South Dakota

Tell me about your business.

 We are a restaurant located in the Black Hills of South Dakota featuring specialty craft beers and from-scratch gourmet grub created by NYC transplants.

Why do you have the best burgers in the Black Hills?

We give a half pound of 80/20 chop meat, and all of our toppings, including the meats and sauces, are made in house. We are never skimpy.

What do you love about the Lead/Deadwood area? 

We love that all summer we can four wheel and hike out of our backyard and all winter we can snowmobile out of our driveway. Everyone is so friendly and eager to help you no matter what. For being transplants, we really feel like locals.

What is a typical day like for you?

Hectic! Lol! We open at 11am and around 11:05 we have people walking in. Around 3, we get a break to fill everything back up and then we are non-stop until around 8pm when we close.

What is one favorite thing you thoroughly enjoy about your job?

We carry over 40 craft beers so getting to try them all as well as learning about all of them and seeing people’s faces when we pour them a beer they didn’t expect to like.  We also love watching people’s faces when their food comes because they don’t expect it to be so large.


Olivia Fitzgerald, waitress

List three random things you use/eat/drink/watch/read/listen/do on a daily basis.

Candy rim beers, Buddy Holly, Lifetime:)

Tell me one thing about you that (maybe) no one knows.

Mickey: I speak German better than English.

Beth: I’ve been playing the violin since 3rd grade.

Black Hills

Where is your favorite spot in the Black Hills region?

Probably our home. We live at the very top of a street in Lead and have amazing views of the rolling Black Hills and a little waterfall off of the Mickelson Trail.

What inspires you most about the Black Hills area?

The people. They are always calling or coming in and asking what our new burger of the month is or just telling us what a great job we did for their family they brought in. It really motivates us to keep going and know what we love doing is appreciated.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned about adventuring in the Black Hills?  

Bring water because it gets hot out there in the summer!

What is one impression you wish you could change about the Black Hills?

People think of the Black Hills and think we moved to the middle of no where when in reality it’s not! How many people can say they LIVE in a National Forest?

How does living in the Black Hills impact your life (or creativity or business)?

Although it’s a meat and potatoes kind of area, there is a huge German influence so we love throwing some crazy German dish on the menu and letting it fly. People love it!

Tell me one thing about the Black Hills that (maybe) no one knows.

There are thousands of snowmobile trails out here.

Being Creative / Leaving a Legacy

Have you had any mentors along the way?

Mickey: I learned to cook from my mom so I would say her. She’s an amazing German cook.

Have you ever taken a big risk for yourself or your life or your business? Was it worth it?


Sebastian Staeckeler, kitchen prepper

Our whole 6 years of business. Mickey and I left New York, moved to Utah, lost TWO businesses due to lack of support, lived in hotels, packed up everything we could afford into the largest U-haul we could afford, and came to the Black Hills. We opened on Main Street in Lead with $10 in the bank, and we haven’t looked back.

Are you creatively satisfied?

 Never. We always want to keep people guessing.

What could the Black Hills use more of?

Culture. We would love to see more museums.

What type of legacy do you hope to leave?

We want people to look back at their vacations and memories with visiting family or just a bad day they had and think of our food. We want it to bring people together. We want to be a part of those happy memories. Our motto is, “Socialize not social media” and that’s why.

Show the Sledhaus some love:

443 south Main Street lead SD 57754
(605) 639-5322
  • Keith Bearman - I have worked with Mickey and Beth for several years in Mickey’s folk’s deli on Long Island. The people of Lead are lucky to have them both. I can attest to Mickey’s mother’s cooking and his inheritance of her talents. Beth may well set up a museum on her own. She has just that kind of determination and ambition.

    I wish them every success, they have earned it.ReplyCancel

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