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When I’m not rounding up Black Hills photos and posting to Instagram, I work in a marketing department for a company out of Sioux Falls. I have found a steadfast passion in learning all things related to social media so I thought I’d share these new (to me, maybe to you) discoveries on what you can do with the Snapchat app!

Expand your color palette

Once you take a photo or video, click the pen icon in the upper right corner of the screen, put your finger on the rainbow color slider, and drag your finger to the left. The farther over and up you go, the closer to white the color will become. The farther over and down you go, the closer to black the color will become. So you can get a light pink color by putting your finger over the red part of the rainbow color slider and dragging your finger to the left, nearly to the edge of the screen. Magic.

You can see who follows you back

From the camera screen, click the ghost icon (center and top of screen), click “My Friends,” and click on a friend. If you see a quantity of snaps next to their snap name (16,453 or whatever), then they ARE following you back. If you don’t see a number, then, alas, they are not following you.

Change the MPH, temperature, elevation and time setting filters

When you snap a photo or video, you can apply the above mentioned filter by swiping right or left. Tap the filter to change the MPH to K/PH, fahrenheit to celsius, etc.

“Stick” text (or an emoji) in a video 

Take your video, write your text or choose an emoji, and as the video plays, hold your finger over the text (or emoji) and it will stick to that specific frame in the video.

Save your data

Instead of Snapchat sucking the life out of your phone data and battery, make sure you have the Travel Mode setting checked. From the camera screen, click the ghost icon, then click the settings icon, tap “Manage Preferences” under Additional Services, and check that the checkmark is there next to “Travel Mode.”

Write more in your snap than the app allows

Have a lot to say in a snap? Write your long message, or format text into a list, in the Notes app. Copy and paste your message into your snap. The longer text, and formatting, will stay.

Flip back and forth from front camera to back camera

Sometimes you want to show you what’s in front of you and then flash back to your face for a narration or selfie. To do this, hold the shutter button down to take a video and simply double tap the screen to flip the front and back camera back and forth. Easy. (Fact: I didn’t know this one. #notashamed #hashtagsarepointlessinblogposts)

Upload something from your camera roll

No, I’m not talking about from your Memories with that annoying white border around it so everyone knows you you didn’t upload it in real time / in the moment. This trick takes a little more investment and you have to go outside the Snapchat app. Go to the app store and download “UploadnRoll.” This app allows you to grab an image or video from your camera roll and send it to your snapchat story (or a friend), and the snap looks like it’s in real time. I use this trick to put a quote up on my snapchat sometimes – an image I constructed in Photoshop. Two downfalls: you have to pay for the app after 5 or so uploads. Which I did, because I see value in it. And two, you have to log back into the Snapchat app because UploadnRoll kicks you out. Annoying. Remember to use this trick for good and not for evil, like snapping pics of yourself studying when you’re really out hiking (wink).
Note: Just discovered that Snapchat has cracked down on this one – they will block your account for 12 hours for misusing their Terms of Condition. Use at your own risk. 

Now you know

How many of you knew these tricks? I feel like I’m on the edge of being “old” (at 29, ha) and figuring this stuff out doesn’t come as easily as it does for the youngsters these days, ya feel me?

Follow my snaps

I have snapchat for Dakota Uprising. It’s a mix of personal and Black Hills-related snaps, when I’m out and about. I apologize for the lack of outdoor/adventure/hiking/shop snaps as of late. I had knee surgery a week and a half a go and have been hobbling around my house for the most part – nothing cool to see here!

Follow if you want – (screenshot this image if you’re reading from a phone, upload to snapchat, and boom, we’re friends).

Happy snapping!



Hey all,

I would love your feedback in four different areas of Dakota Uprising: emails + the blog + possible future get-togethers + a little something about you.

The survey is open and live and you can access it here for a few more days:

Your feedback helps me know that I am doing the right thing, not poisoning your inbox, to plan for future events out here in the hills and to learn a little bit more about you because the stories (that I need to share more) are pretty cool for why people like Dakota Uprising and buy shirts to represent that hills.



  • 3 cups pomegranate juice
  • 1/2 cup orgeat (almond) syrup
  • 1 1/2 cups mandarin vodka
  • 2 bottles champagne
  • garnish: orange slices, grapefruit slices, cinnamon sticks, fresh mint


Combine the juice, syrup and vodka in a punch bowl. Stir to combine, then add champagne, citrus slices, cinnamon sticks, mint and tons of ice. Enjoy!

(double or triple your recipe depending on the size of your crowd – and punch bowl!)

Recipe and photo by Camille Styles.

I love hearing from people that purchased a piece of Dakota Uprising apparel with a story behind why they bought it. From hiking Harney Peak barefoot (yeah, crazy I know) to being stationed across the country for the military, I’ve heard some pretty cool stories.

What’s your story? Would love to see comments.



Since this is my blog, and I can “do-wut-I-wan,” here’s my political-non-policital rant for the world:

No matter what happens tomorrow, tomorrow night or whenever they finish counting the votes, we have to remember a few things:

  • The next President is not God, nor will they ever be. Not even close. God is still God. Let’s not forget who we should truly put our faith in and look to for our daily guidance. Our world is determined by our day-to-day actions so smile, give generously, help those that need it, speak kindly, treat all people with respect, and be the bigger person. Always. No matter what you believe, these are the basics of good human nature. So be a good human.
  • If you’re a person of faith, let me remind you that it is a biblical command that we are to pray for our leadership: “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.” 1 Timothy 2:1-2. There is someone I dislike and someone I like running for President and no matter who is elected, I will still pray for that person, as should you. See bullet number one.
  • Both major parties in this election have messed up big time. I think it’s safe to say pointing fingers has been the primary strategy. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. And so the Bible says, “When they persisted in questioning him, he straightened up and told them, ‘Let the person among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.'” So, if you have never sinned, by all means, cast your stones and judgement. But until then, see bullet number one and two.
  • This election has brought out the worst in a lot of different people, companies, organizations, even people I personally know shouting their thoughts and opinions. Don’t let it bring out the worst in you. See bullet number one, two and three.

I’ve been disappointed to see a Christian leader I admire completely dismissing themselves from the whole political situation, stating that they will not take part in this election because they are “fed up” with the nonsense, and so here’s another reminder: it is still a privilege and an honor to vote so be grateful for a liberty so many cultures go without. So get out there and vote.

I don’t want any opinions or political statements following this post. This is simply my reminder to all of us, including myself, to remember the bigger picture in life.

Because I think the world may have forgotten that one exists.

Cheers to the end of this election.